Who We Work With

We Work With YOU; Yes, You!

Bergey’s auto parts warehouse welcomes everyone to the Bergey’s family business. We serve everyone from walk-in customers, online customers, automotive shops, collision shops, government fleet vehicles to other dealerships and more! If you are reading this text and looking for a part for a vehicle that you need to fix, give us a call!

If you don’t have an account with us, don’t worry. You can open a charge account today.

Mechanical Repair Shops

Every repair shop is unique to their area and provides great service to their communities; so when your repair shop is in need of parts, turn to Bergey’s auto parts to assist your top priority goals of getting your customers back on the road in a safe condition. Find out more >


Collision Repair Shops

We work with collision repair shops to get vehicles back on their feet after an accident. No matter the body part you need, Bergey’s auto parts has what every body shop needs. Find out more >

Owners and Enthusiasts

From car gurus to unsure owners, Bergey’s auto parts is here to assist everyone in finding the exact part that is needed to pass your own personal inspection. Give us a call today so that we may help you find the part that fixes your car’s dilemma. Find out more >


Working together with other dealerships is a pleasure to us and our auto part warehouse stocks a large selection of parts to help any size dealership that is in need of a Ford, GM, or Chrysler part. Find out more >

Fleets and Government Facilities

No matter what service you provide to your customers, Bergey’s auto parts warehouse will assist any fleet and government vehicle to get back on the road as to keep your business running smooth. Find out more >