Auto Parts


All Makes:

Bergey’s Parts stocks and sells top quality brand trusted parts such as ACDelco, Motorcraft, and Magneti Marelli. These parts manufacturers specialize in all-makes, which means Bergey’s can assist you in purchasing parts for many of the following makes such as:

-Acura   -BMW   -Honda   -Hyundai   -Infiniti   
-Jaguar   -Kia   -Land Rover -Lexus   -Mazda  
 -Mercedes Benz   -Mini Cooper - Mitsubishi    
-Nissan   -Porsche   -Saab   -Scion -Subaru   
-Suzuki   -Toyota   -Volkswagen -Volvo

ACDelco, Motorcraft and Magneti Marelli produce many fast-moving parts for these vehicles such as:

- Brake pads   - Rotors   - Filters    -Hubs    - Bulbs
-Fuel Pumps   -Timing Belts     -Water Pumps
-Oxygen Sensors  - AC Compressors  - Starters
-Spark Plugs   -Spark Wires   -Tie Rod Ends
-Window Motors   -Alternators  -Brake Shoes
-Brake Drums

Call our parts salesmen today for assistance in finding the parts you need!